At EMPOWER our mission is to help empower young professionals with the hope, mindset, knowledge, and understanding needed to design the type of lifestyle they desire, ultimately putting them on the pathway to personal freedom.


We believe in challenging young professionals to change their mindsets and beliefs systems so they can see the possibilities in life beyond the limitations of their current circumstances.

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Looking to challenge and inspire your group of young professionals to upgrade their mindsets, break free from average thinking, and go to that next level? Invite Jarod to be a part of your next event.

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Need some help making the transition into  full-time entrepreneurship? Contact us for a free strategy call to learn how we can help. 

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Take advantage of our online courses to help you develop the knowledge base and skills needed to design the type of life you truly desire and deserve.

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August 9, 2018

A former colleague of mine used to say, "There's nothing like the smell of diesel fuel fumes on the First Day of School". It's such an exciting time of year! Parents are excited to finally get the house back to themselves; students are eager to get back to school to see old friends and catch up on what has transpired over the summer; and teachers are energized and ready to educate our future after a restful summer break....

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Interview on the Dare to Soar Radio Show with Dr. R.C.
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Five Star Mentality: The Mindset of te Super Achievers

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